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Governor’s Bureau

Governor’s Bureau

Governor’s Bureau

Plac Bankowy 3/5, 00-950 Warszawa

Mon. – Fri. 8:00 a.m - 4:00 p.m


Alicja Walecka

Bureau Director

tel. + 48 226956244

fax + 48 226956222




 Secretary’s office of Governor’s Bureau- room 160

tel. +48 226956244

fax. +48 226956222


Department’s tasks:

  • organizational management of the Governor’s and Vice-governor’s tasks
  • fulfillment of the obligation following the Governor’s participation in the patrons of honor, accepted invitations and patronages
  • arrangement and service of the official visits and national and international business trips of Governor, Vice-governor and Chief Executive Officer as well as the international business trips of employees
  • seeing clients in the matters concerning the complaints and applications addressed to the Governor and Vice-governor
  • granting the orders and national medals and Patent “Weteran Walk o Wolność I Niepodległość Ojczyzny”
  • arrangement of cooperation between the Governor and members of Parliament, territorial self-government, political parties and Churches and confessional associations
  • arrangement of cooperation between Governor and trade unions and employer’s organizations
  • coordination of the activity of the government administration units in the province in respect of compliance with the government policy
  • coordination of the combined services, province inspections and guards
  • giving opinions for the candidates to the position of the non-combined administration units manager
  • service of Governor’s Advising Committee
  • service of Provincial Committee for Community Dialogue
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