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Naturalisation as Polish citizen

Which fees do I have to pay?

  • 219 PLN for the decision on naturalisation as Polish citizen. In case of negative decision rendered or discontinuation of proceedings, you can apply for the return of the administrative fees.
  • 17 PLN for the institution of proxy, if you have appointed a proxy to run the case. The following persons are exempted from the administrative fee for the institution of proxy: spouse, parents, children and siblings of the applicant. Relationship should be confirmed by the documents enclosed to the case.

Account number, on which the administrative fee is to be paid:

Dzielnica Śródmieście m.st. Warszawy
ul. Nowogrodzka 43, 00-691 Warszawa
account number: 60-1030-1508-0000-0005-5001-0038

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