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Naturalisation as Polish citizen

How long will I wait for a decision?

Decision is made within 1 month. If the case is highly complicated, not longer than within 2 months.

Before rendering of the decision, the office makes a request to the Provincial Police Commander, the Director of the Delegacy of Internal Security Office and other authorities if needed, to provide information, whether naturalizing you as Polish citizen is not a threat to defence or safety of the state or to the protection of safety and public order. The authorities  should reply within 30 days. In justified cases the response time can be extended up to 3 months.

The terms of decision rendering do not include terms provided by the provisions of law in order to perform specific actions (e.g. waiting for information and documents from other offices, archives, consular posts), periods of suspension of the proceedings and periods of delay caused by the party’s own fault (e.g. if the applicant has not enclosed necessary documents to the application) or caused by the factors independent of the authority (e.g. if the office is unable to act due to a natural disaster).

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