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Information for foreigners

Most frequently used letters

In connection with numerous enquiries, we give access to the templates of the letters for downloading below  that are submitted in connection with the cases conducted by the Department for Foreigners’ Affairs used most frequently


  • a declaration under penalty of perjury: Download
  • “a declaration" (under penalty of perjury concerning the performance of work and tax settlements of a foreigner in the previous year, “the so-called  table"): Download
  • the template of a power of proxy regarding residence permits: Download
  • an application for issuing a certificate (about decisions issued by the Mazovian Province Governor): Download
  • an application for issuing the copy of a decision on a residence permit: Download
  • an application for reimbursing the fee paid to the account of Mazowiecki Urząd Wojewódzki (NOTE: IT DOES NOT APPLY TO THE REIMBURSEMENT OF STAMP DUTY – PLN 340, 440 or 640 for a residence permit!): Download
  • the template of a request for reinstating a  term: Download

(NOTE! We would like to remind you that it is possible to reinstate a term only after meeting all the requirements jointly described in the point "Completing the formal defects of an application" at the website: Click)


The applicable forms of applications for issuing different types of permits are available for downloading from the appropriate bookmarks at the website!

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