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Residence - general information

How long will I wait for a decision?

The time of waiting for issuing a decision  in the case  of a residence permit  results from the provisions of  the  Administrative Procedure Code and the Foreigners Act; and it depends on the individual circumstances of a case.   

 In accordance with art. 35§5 of the APC, the terms of settling a case specified in the regulations do not include the terms provided for in the regulations of law for specific actions, the periods of suspending proceedings, and the periods of delay resulting from a party’s fault or causes independent of an authority.

  • Proceedings are initiated after  submitting an application without formal deficiencies within  the prescribed term or after completing these deficiencies in accordance with a request within the indicated term.  
  • Before issuing a decision on granting a foreigner a temporary residence permit, a permanent residence permit or the residence permit of a long-term EU resident, a province governor gathers intelligence whether entering the territory of the Republic of Poland and a stay on this territory constitute a threat to the defence capabilities or the security of the state or safety protection and public order;  the Police, the Border Guard, and the Internal Security Agency have up to o 30 days for giving a reply; however, this term can be  extended up to 60 days.
  • In the course of proceedings conducted and in accordance with art. 7 of the  Administrative Procedure Code, all and any actions that are necessary for an exact explanation of the factual status and settling a case ex officio or at the parties’ request are taken, keeping in mind the social interest and the legitimate interest of the citizens. Moreover, a party is requested to complete documentation within the term specified in a request.  
  • Due to a significant increase of applications for residence permits flowing in, there are  delays in the registration of cases in IT systems and the timely conduct of administrative proceedings; in connection with this, the term for making a decision may be subject to extending. 
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