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EU Blue Card

What do I need to know?

The application is rejected, e.g. the case will not be processed, if:

  • When applying, you refuse to give your fingerprints in order to issue a residence card,
  • You are staying in Poland on the basis of the following residence statuses:

Permanent residence permit or long-term EU residence permit
Schengen visa authorising only the entry into that territory issued for a visit for humanitarian reasons, due to state interest or international obligations
Temporary residence permit related to circumstances requiring a short-term visit
Consent for tolerated residence, consent for humanitarian visit, asylum, subsidiary protection and temporary protection or decision on granting refugee status in Poland,

  • When applying for refugee status or asylum,
  • If you are detained, placed in a guarded facility or in the arrest for aliens, or preventive measures have been used against you in the form of prohibition to leave the country,
  • You are imprisoned or temporarily arrested,
  • You have been obligated to return and the period for voluntary return specified in the decision obligating an alien to return has not yet expired,
  • also in the case of an extension of that period,
  • You are obligated to leave the territory of Poland within 30 days from the date on which the decision to refuse the extension of the Schengen visa, national visa, temporary residence permits, permanent residence permit or long-term EU residence permit, or to refuse, discontinue or strip of refugee status or subsidiary protection, to withdraw the consent for tolerated stay - has become final, and in the case of a decision by a higher body, from the date on which the final decision was delivered,
  • You are outside the territory of Poland.
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